I am a single mom of a wonderful boy, with a crazy dog and 2 lovable cats. We live in a lovely, small, coastal community on Long Island in New York. 

I’ve had a creative streak all my life. I remember, as a kid, making wrapping paper out of the color comics and bows out of chewing gum wrappers. Really, it looked good. 
Over the years, I’ve studied Pastry Arts, baking and decorating wedding and special occasion cakes, owned a restaurant for 10 years and dabbled in sewing and furniture painting. 
I was going to my first Friendsgiving and I wanted to bring gifts for everyone. All of the guests were my dear girlfriends. I started playing around and came up with this beautiful design, so unique, personalized and completely individualized. I loved it. I made one for each friend and couldn’t wait to see their reactions. Would they love it like I did? They did! My friends actually had tears in their eyes! "It’s my whole life right here! " one girlfriend exclaimed. 
Well, that was it. I started creating more and more. My mind was coming up with ideas left and right. And I was off! Beautiful Words was born. 

What is Beautiful Words? A picture created with the words that tell the story you want to tell. Did someone have a baby or get married? Maybe they bought a new home. Commemorate the special, wonderful life moment with a picture using all the details that makes it so special and personalized.